Tie-dyed organic boyfriend jeans



Marques‘ Almeida

Marques ‘ Almeida was created in 2011 by Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida. M’A was created responding to a growing market for day to day high-end ready to wear that’s cool, raw, relevant and effortless. It came from the understanding that there was a shift happening in the definition of high luxury, specially for a younger consumer and it immediately became a brand that, more than anything, revolves around its people and community.

Having put inclusivity and diversity at the heart of company’s priorities the past years, M’A is more and more able to fully expand on the collaboration with M’A GIRLS and BOYS and shatter the old steryotypes of high-fashion image and make a positive impact in fashion, empowering the younger generation to be themselves and feel represented in fashion.

The empowering and celebration of young Girls and Boys and supporting them remains Marta and Paulo ’s biggest goal along with the first steps towards a robust sustainability policy that saw their last AW20 collection rise to an approximate 80% produced out of sustainable natural fibres or recycled materials.

Marques' Almeida