Lip 2 Cheek


Brands:RMS Beauty

Brighten up your look with RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek, a dual use makeup product that promotes healthy, sensational looking skin and lips. Easy to apply, it makes skin feel as good as it looks, and in its sleek packaging Lip2Cheek could not be more convenient.

Available in a range of flattering shades, this richly pigmented cream is made from all-natural, organic ingredients. It blends natural oils for a powerful nourishing and hydrating effect, so that cheeks feel silky soft and lips have a picture-perfect pout.

You can apply this cream with a brush or fingertip, adjusting the quantity to get exactly the effect you want. Choose an intense, deep colour or smooth it into place gently for a soft, luminous glow.

  • Smile: A modern sheer coral/pink with a slight 50’s feel.
    • Promise: A warm salmon-pink with a very subtle golden shimmer.
      • Spell: A modern nude dusty rose.
        • Modest: A fresh, rich berry pink color.
          • Illusive: A matte burnt rose hue with a hint of plum.
            • Demure: A soft pink rose with a hint of mauve that makes a statement.
              • Diabolique: A rich burgundy coloring and intense depth make this sultry shade a must for anyone feeling adventurous.
                • Beloved: A true red with just a hint of poppy to suit all skin tones. Gives cheeks a natural rosiness and stains lips with a desirable youthfulness.
                  • Paradise: A tropical muted coral with red undertones.

                  KEY BENEFITS

                  • Nourishing natural ingredients
                  • Densely packed with mineral pigments
                  • Moisturises and softens the skin
                  • Easily adjustable effect
                  • Available in an array of beautiful shades


RMS Beauty

Created by make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift, RMS Beauty is an organic make-up line redefining the market of clean beauty & natural cosmetics. The line is based on the ingredients we've come to expect in our organic skincare with the enhancement of mineral colour.

Having worked as a make-up artist on the New York fashion scene, Rose-Marie formulated the ultimate natural cosmetics line for the health savvy and fashion conscious woman. Based on living and organic principles, each product is created to hydrate and illuminate vital, radiant skin.

RMS Beauty has been created with the best organic ingredients in their purest, living state in order to keep all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healing properties intact. As a result, RMS Beauty creates a synergistic exchange and interaction with living skin, helping to keep it healthy and glowing while giving you the look you crave.